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Founded in the early 2000s, growing and developing year by year in its reach and influence, not only inside but outside campus as well. Club Mathematica has become an emninent club from National Institute of Technology, Calicut helping students improve their skills in logic, reasoning and math and in the long run, help them in interviews and competitive exams. The club also emphasis on unleasing the potential of people through interactive educational methods. It also extends its activities to schools all over Kerala as well as Andra Pradesh through its talent hunt competetion Infinitum.A dedicated team of 92 NITians are working for the enrichment of club. Over the past years, the club has grown tremondously in its dowmain.
Math, logic and reasoning.....at first sight, a student may think of it simply as a section on a standardised test but we here at the club see it as an opportunity to remove the air of boredom that students often find to be associated with maths. With quizzes such as Infinitum or LOGIQ where we reach out to schools throughout the state, to in-campus events such as ENIGMA where we bring the first years of NITC the spirit of the club in the form of games, puzzles and competitions over the course of 2 days and even to the crowd-pulling interactive stalls held during the intitutes tech fest, Tathva. We bring out the true nature of fun and intrigue that truly lies in the realms of maths. So join us now, as its only getting started,
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